Alberta, Canada
Abundant Life Autism

A Christian Cohousing Initiative in Alberta for Families by Families

We are NOT


We are not a group home

There are no services provided by or attached to Abundant Life apart from rich social opportunities. Residents and their families are responsible for selecting and hiring appropriate services just as they would if they lived in any home in any community. This is quite simply Cohousing, which is available for any person desiring a meaningful community life.

We are not a cult

We desire an open Christian climate and you are free to go to whatever church you desire, or not. You may leave at any time. We don't share money, we have our own private dwelling and can choose when we want to take advantage of the rich social life right outside our door.

We are not segregating

We are a neurodiverse mix of people and families, ideally 30 homes and 12 to 14 individuals with autism. We recognize that autism often presents with unique needs not often met in other forms of housing. There are sensory needs to consider during the planning and building of the homes, as well as special opportunities for ”finding one’s tribe,” or being social. We envision using people’s passions and interests to form clubs and regular meet-ups, and thereby presenting opportunities for friendships to form. We will also be involved in the greater community, and we anticipate community involvement in numerous ways. Residents can work or volunteer in the greater community, just as condo owners leave their building to go to work.

We are not for everyone

That‘s right! This is not a fit for every family. But if you want to live alongside (or across the path from) your adult child as you support them in life, and want to live in fellowship with similar families, then this may be a fit. If you want to live in a rich community with ample social opportunities, similar to a great Christian family camp, then this may be for you. If you want to have peace of mind that your child can be set up in a safe community where everyone knows everyone, and they can remain there after you pass on, then this may be for you. For those who lay awake at night wondering what will happen after you’re gone, this may be for you. But one thing we are not, is for everyone.