Alberta, Canada
Abundant Life Autism

A Christian Cohousing Initiative in Alberta for Families by Families

Our Community


The Vision of Location

Cohousing means active participation. We will choose together where our site will be. We picture city amenities like theatres, bowling alleys, and a hospital. We also picture some green space to enjoy. Wherever we decide to build our intentional community, it will be in Alberta. 

The Vision of a Faith Community

Have you ever attended a Christian family camp? That is what we picture the atmosphere to be like. Everyone will own their own home, but they can join in the social atmosphere any time they choose. Getting to church can be hard for some of our families, so there is always the option of Sunday School in the common house or around a bonfire.

The Vision of Fellowship and Belonging

Cohousing is a great way to get to know your neighbours and develop lasting relationships. As families entrenched in the autism world, we understand how vital a support network is in alleviating isolation. At Abundant Life, every life is valued, and every life is celebrated. We are there with you! We will share in the struggles and the joys, supporting each other along the way. We get it!