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Abundant Life Autism

A Christian Cohousing Initiative in Alberta for Families by Families



We understand!

We have the same desire to ensure our kids with disabilities live a fruitful life, a safe life, and have a quality of life that surpasses what is available right now.  There are great options out there, like supported living, some group homes, etc., but that's not our story. We want something different. We want authentic relationships, not just the hired ones, and we want to help our kids get set up so that if something happens to us,  they'll be alright...they won't lose everything. It's a hard topic but one we must not ignore.

We were created for connection. We need community. We need each other. 

Our project is bringing back the old time village, the kind of neighbourhood where people care, where they look out for each other, and where everyone belongs, quirks and all.

We are currently seeking new members, families who want the best for their kids, families willing to change their lifestyle and enjoy community on a deeper level.

If you'd like to know more, we invite you to attend an Info Session, give us a call, drop us an email, or fill out the Membership Questionnaire

Diagram of Membership Process 1) Guest 2) Interested Guest 3) Associate Member 4) Equity Member


Membership into cohousing is largely self-selecting. Through a gradual process of learning more about the initiative, what is involved, and getting to know your potential neighbours, you will begin to have an idea if this is a suitable housing solution (and lifestyle!) for you and your family.  If you are interested in learning more, we invite you to complete the Membership Questionnaire and begin to discover what the future may hold! We look forward to hearing from you!

Membership Questionnaire

Lot selection is determined by the date this questionnaire is completed. 

For Families: Membership Process Explained



Anyone can be a guest! Simply attend an Info Session, social, or one-to-one coffee meetup to learn a bit about what we are doing. Have some questions answered and explore the concept. Can't attend an event? Give us a call and let's chat! You should also sign up for our Newsletter and begin to research cohousing. We recommend the book Creating Cohousing, by Kathryn McCamant and Charles Durrett.

Interested Guest

If you like what you hear so far and are interested in learning more, then consider taking the next step in membership. First, fill out the online Membership Questionnaire (above) which reserves your seniority spot for lot selection/s should you decide to become an Equity Member. Then, pay the $100 non-refundable Associate Membership fee and receive a Welcome Package and access to our documents to date.

Associate Member

Help shape the community by participating in meetings, being a part of the design process, and voting on site selection. Use your skills in a meaningful way to help this project move forward. Access our paperwork and decision log thus far. Get to know your future neighbours and have a clearer idea about what life will look like at Abundant Life Autism! Associate Membership is a temporary six month membership, at which time you could choose to re-apply as an Associate Member or move into Equity Membership. Seniority spots for lot selection are reserved as long as fees are paid. One membership per family. 

Equity Member

Equity Membership is projected to open in September of 2019.

Equity Members are fully participating members and have decided to purchase at least one unit at Abundant Life Cohousing. To qualify as an Equity Member, the following must occur: 

  • financial pre-qualification (tell your bank or mortgage broker you are looking at buying a condo, mentioning cohousing will only confuse them) 
  • an initial $500 deposit that goes toward the cost of your unit

Equity Members are company shareholders. Incentives for early investment; ask about our discount schedule.

A Note on Fees

All fees, workshop costs, and equity contributions count toward the cost of your home. When units are ready, your investment can convert to become your mortgage downpayment. Fees will increase over time, with roughly 20% of your purchase price due prior to construction. 

Drop us a line!

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