Alberta, Canada
Abundant Life Autism

A Christian Cohousing Initiative in Alberta for Families by Families


Christian Churches

Ask. Seek. Knock.

Is your church looking to downsize or do something different with all their space? Perhaps you are contemplating subdividing, selling, or renting out a portion of your land, developing or building a service project? We are interested in exploring what this might look like. 

As a group of believers, we think it's an amazing opportunity for both of us. We would love to be next door to a vibrant, bible believing community. Getting to church is often difficult or impossible for our families, but we long for fellowship and belonging. Your congregation would benefit from having an opportunity close by to love on "the least of these" and wrap around families that need support. Together we are the Body of Christ, and we need each other to thrive. 

Can we explore the options together? Can we meet and brainstorm? Can we pray about it? 

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Abundant Life Autism

Alberta, Canada

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